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Our Dementia Choir

Grandpa Forgets

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Dementia awareness book for children.

This simple picture book about the relationship between a grandfather and his young granddaughter is full of black and grey line drawings as well as background pictures and full-colour portraits of the important people (and dogs) in the story. Lots of repetition for the very young tells us about all the things that Grandpa forgets - how to get dressed, how to find the coffee, what he had for breakfast, and who visited him that day. But he also remembers lots of things - that he loves dogs, that he loves to sing gustily, that he can tell some good stories, and that he likes to smell flowers. Most importantly of all, he remembers how to hold the little girls hand. Mum comes into the story too, and seems to be a single mother coping with a child and a father with dementia, and all of them enjoy special times with each other. This would be an excellent introduction to a young child with a grandparent who has begun to have problems with remembering.